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Are you looking for a school that will give you the training and experience to get you a welding job? At Pro-Weld Welding School you get both. Plus it’s half the cost and time of a college-welding course

If you want to get the best welding/fabrication training in the valley then Pro-Weld is the right choice.



Phone: 208-249-4911

The need for Welders and Fabricators is in high demand.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become involved in a great career. Pro-Weld is now offering courses to those who want to learn a new trade or to improve their skills to get a great job.

Receive a Welding Certificate

Become a Certified Welder administered by a Certified Welding Inspector

State Approved for Veterans Educational Benefits

Stae Approved For

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Payment plan is also available

PRO-WELD is an Excellent Choice

Through Pro-Weld you can achieve success. With education and training, the job market becomes wide open to you. Know the satisfaction of having companies compete for the knowledge and skills that you can posses